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1. Why do I encounter connection timeout when I try to connect the device to my wifi network? I'm sure my wifi password is correct.

Majority of the IOT devices in the market uses wifi 2.4 Ghz to connect to the wifi network. On certain routers where 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wifi is combined into the same SSID (wifi name), you may encounter problem connecting the device to the network. To overcome this, temporarily disable your 5Ghz wifi and try to connecting again. Once the device is connected to your wifi network, you can enable the 5Ghz wifi again. Another common issue that may cause connection timeout issue is that the SSID (wifi name) contains non-alphanumeric characters or space, it is a known issue with IOT devices connected to SSID with symbols and spaces. Thus having a full alphanumeric SSID usually solves the issue.