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Press Release : WYFY Beam

October 1, 2019 - In an ever increasingly complex IOT world, WYFY aims to simplify smart homes not only through technology but also by bringing simple concepts to users to begin their smart home journey. WYFY believe in introducing smart home concepts step by step instead of a big bang approach.

With this philosophy in mind, WYFY will be launching the WYFY Beam, a smart AC controller that instantly injects the “smartness” to the appliances that customers already have. Despite being marketed as the most affordable smart AC controller, the WYFY Beam also works with any appliances that can be controlled via an IR remote.

The WYFY Beam is just one of the products in the WYFY smart home line-up. In 2020, WYFY will also be launching lighting controls as well as working with established manufacturers of ceiling fans and motorised window coverings to offer a complete smart home solution.

WYFY does not aim to design and manufacture everything but to work with respective industry experts to connect established products to the cloud while providing a common simplified mobile user interface to customers.


The WYFY Beam adopts a minimalist design in terms of finishing. WYFY Beam's extremely compact form factor with matt finishing blends into your TV console or side table.

WYFY Beam stores more than 20,000 IR commands of home appliances. You can combine keys from any IR remote controllers to create your very own scenes. It is designed to work with what you already have, your wifi router. No additional hub is required to jump start your smart home journey.

Once installed, you can immediately interact with your appliances such as air conditioning and TV using your voice assistant at home such as Google Home or Google Nest Hub (sold separately). If you are away from home, you still can use the WYFY app to manage the device via your smartphone.

Technical Specifications

Wireless Technology: WiFi a/b/g/n 2.4Ghz (Complies with IMDA Standards)

Dimensions: 50x50x20 mm

Power input: 5V/1A

Infrared Range : 8m

Infrared Frequency : 38 Khz

Contents : WYFY Beam, USB Micro cable, Adhesive pad

Price and Availability

The WYFY Beam is currently available at recommended retail price of SGD49, on the following ecommerce platforms and IOT retailers/distributors:

WYFY Singapore (



IOT Asia Online (

Automate Asia (

Hanman (

About WYFY Singapore

WYFY (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a technology company that is focused on bringing quality, designed in Singapore IOT products with local certifications to the Singapore and Southeast Asian markets. For further information, please contact:

WYFY (Singapore) Pte Ltd


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