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How to add WYFY Beam


1. Tap Add Device


4. The blue wifi indicator should blink rapidly

beam added.png

7. Select the device with the WYFY Beam icon

find brand.png

10. Search and select the brand of your air conditioner 

select beam.png

2. Select Universal Remote Controller


5. Tap Confirm indicator rapidly blink 

add remote control.png

8. Click on the + icon to add an appliance


10. Tap on Switch, if the air conditioner respond with a beep, tap on Select this one, otherwise tap on Next one and repeat this step


3. Power up the WYFY Beam, press and hold the setup button for 5 seconds


6. Allow the app to detect the WYFY and rename the device 


9. Select the appliance you like to control with WYFY Beam (in this example we are adding air conditioner


11. You may now change temperature, on/off, change the mode, fan speed of the air conditioning unit. If it doesn't work, please repeat from step 7 onwards

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